A 2 Week Trip in A Carry On

1.Equipment Blouse; 2. Cut offs (home made); 3. JCrew White tuxedo shirt; 4. Isabel Marrant Boots 5. Saint James Shirt; 6. Theory Skirt (no longer available); 7. Rag & Bone Jeans; 8. Acne Jeans; 9. Ancient Greek Sandals (no longer available- similar here); 10. Top Shop Crop 11. Chianti and Parker Oversized Knit (no longer available); 12. Porenza Schouler PS1; 13. Converse All Star; 14. Band of Outsiders Dress (no longer available); 15. JCrew Silk Cami; 16. Christian Loubitan Decoullete 100 (no longer available- similar here); 17. Day by Melanie Berger Leather Jacket (no longer available- similar here; 18. Equipment Cashmere Cardigan; ย 19. Rimowa Salsa Air

Carry On Packing Packing Only- how I travel

My most important rule of traveling is to never check a suitcase. Any really long flight will teach you that the first thing you want to do when you get off an airplane is get out of the airport. Also the more checked luggage your have the more you have to lug around so I try to keep things light. I am not however into the back packing travel. I love fashion, and have found that it is easy enough to build a wardrobe around a few pieces in my favorite colors (navy, black, and white) and then style them accordingly while traveling. Yes- I am almost always in what my hubby dubs my uniform, but hey its easy, it makes getting dressed a breeze, and well it sure beats waiting at the baggage claim. I can shove a whole month worth of clothes into my carry on. I absolutely swear by my Rimowa Salsa Air. After years of lugging around a heavier suitcase this has really made my life better. It is in my opinion a holy grail of suitcases. Weighing in at 3.5lbs it so light and easy to maneuver that it makes running through airports, European city streets, tiny staircases, and dirt roads easy peasy! I keep all my toiletries, accessories and in flight necessities in a separate bag- it changes based on my mood. One last thing- the best part about not having a lot of space is it makes me really think long and hard about what I buy when traveling. First if I can get it online, I am not buying, second if its not that special, I am not making room. But when I do find a gem- I either ship it home, or find a way to make it fit in my tiny luggage! Above is what I brought on my last European vacation, 14 days. ย I also had a few black and white t-shirts. I didm not do laundry on this trip.



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