First off I realize I am the absolute worst at keeping my blog up to date. It seems to always be my last priority and sadly as a result I never do it. I am a full year behind in my travels, or about six countries. EEKKK….It has started to become overwhelming thinking about editing all my photos, maybe that’s part of the reason I am so behind. Oh procrastination, the struggle is never ending. I am going to try to commit to posting once a week, as I have so many posts I want to write. People ask me constantly for advice about packing, planning, and traveling and I never ever get around to writing the posts. So I am setting myself the goal of putting more effort into keeping my blog up to date. I would love to be caught up country wise when I leave for London and Morocco in June.

I never ever imagined I would get to travel as much as I have in such a short amount of time. Life is surprising like that. Unfortunately or fortunately this has become my reality and the shift changes the way I think about traveling. Now it is such an integral part of my life that at some point it stopped being a vacation and became the norm. This feeling constantly makes me forget how lucky I am to travel this much. Places like Elsewhere in Goa (see below) are a chance for me to really relax. To recharge and become excited about my day to day life.sunsetsinthecoconutgrooves

Back to India, our last stop was Goa, to a remote resort called Elsewhere. You enter via a tiny wooden bridge composed of wood planks and palm tree trunks. We arrived late at night and the staff carrying our bags guided the way by only the moonlight and flashlights. As we followed behind the setting was so surreal at one point I expected Peter Pan to jump out of the woods. Elsewhere is hidden away from the usual touristy Indian beachside. Located on an old coconut plantation it is as close to paradise as I think you can get. With only a few tents and three beach houses the resort is secluded, romantic, and best of all gorgeous. The tents are glamping at its best. With beautiful four posted beds canopied with thin white linens, and full showers, ect. It is hard to describe what we experienced there. But after three weeks of trekking through India, Elsewhere was a complete relaxation experience for Nick and I. We walked the beach, ate delicious food, and read. Just good old fashioned R and R.









Goa is a former Portuguese colony. So the décor is dark richly carved wood furniture (think Indian carving combined with colonial style) with white linens, palm trees and sand.  Yes it is truly dreamy. Not to mention Portuguese/ Indian food is pretty much as good as it gets. Sandwiches with fresh fish, coconut based shrimp curries, and naan….. A year latter I can still taste the tuna fish sandwich with was perfection. Also I pretty much lived for fresh watermelon juice and homemade lassi, which I snacked on daily during the midday heat.


StarfishThe beach is littered with starfish and in the morning you can watch the local fisherman work. The staff is incredible, helping me with all my ridiculous requests. They even added the mosquito netting I felt I needed around my bed despite the lack of mosquitoes. They also provided assistance (or maybe I should call it nursing) with my insane sunburn.

During some seasons you can even watch baby sea turtles be born on Elsewhere’s long stretch of beach. Sunsets are stunning and yoga on a secluded beach is pretty amazing!




In the northern part of Goa you can find yoga retreats, Jade Jagger, and half naked Russians frolicking in the water. It is the perfect bohemian mix to transport you away from you life and to a place of om, or some jetset place you only thought existed in coffee table books. I am sorry I don’t have more pictures, I was too busy napping to my audio book to whip out my camera. Elsewhere is special, so if you can get there, go.


Check it info on booking here.






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