1. Band of Outsiders Cable Knit Sweater; 2. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Embroidered Slippers; 3. Chinti and Parker Lattice and cable-knit merino wool sweater; 4. Mulberry The Bayswater textured-leather bag; 5. KENZO Striped-lining cotton sweatshirt

We all try each season to add must have pieces to our wardrobe.  We tell our selves we are filling in the gaps with clothing we really need.  Every time I go shopping I find myself repeating this ridiculous mantra-“I will have and love this forever.”  I said it when I bought those ridiculously uncomfortable Givenchy flats (worn once), or when I purchased that Zara camouflage sweater (it itches and doesn’t fit right.)

The truth is I probably will not love most of my things until the end of time.  First, I love clothes and keep buying. Second, clothing trends change over time and pieces inevitably feel dated.  We all have a handbag we told ourselves we had to have, that we would use forever, and then that initial lust starts to fade.  We see a new bag and think if I had that one, I wouldn’t want any other bags….

The media bombards us with images of new beautiful things, and I for one can not resist.  So here is what I am lusting after at the moment.  But this fall I am not going to lie to myself and say those cat flats are going to grow old with me.  I will wear them for a few years, and like all my shoes, I will wear them out.

*How cute are those Charlotte Olympia flats! I am thinking jeans, grey sweater, cat flats, Mulberry Bag.  My idea of the current perfect travel outfit



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