Upward Rooster Pose
Image Source: http://yogibe.tumblr.com/post/53230682484/urdhva-kukkutasana-upward-rooster-pose-wow

I love everything about yoga. From the relaxation and calmness I get after the practice to the fact that there is always more to learn. You can always go further in poses- deepening the stretch.  Most of all I love that yoga is a practice which requires some diligence and commitment, two traits I am terrible at. I love that in someway I have stopped competing with others and have turned that energy inwards focusing it on my own improvement. At least in yoga!

This year I am determined to do a headstand (resolution #4) and forward splits (resolution #5).  Because the truth is I am not getting any younger!

My best friend is a writer, yogi, and all around inspiration! The amazing Mary moves in ways I can only dream of- think image above (check her out at either 2sense-la or teaching a class at Core Power-LA). As I get pointers from her I am determined every day to be grateful for the small amount of progress I am making.   Yoga teaches you about physical limitations and also about endless possibilities. Sometimes the poses come so easily, while other times I struggle with stiffness and internal resistance.  One day soon my body will just slip into a split or roll up into a headstand and it will be amazing!  I will have to set new yoga goals, and just maybe one day- I will pop into upward rooster pose.




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