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Meet me: I am 29 (soon to be 30), socially awkward, energetic ball of Julia.  I have been trying to start a blog for over 2 years so here it goes-be nice!

Recently married- I live in Vegas, where I perpetually whine about not being in California or a big city.  Over  all I am huge enthusiast of all things urban, I love and miss art. Mostly I miss the allure of the undiscovered, the wonder of walking around the corner and seeing a new shop or restaurant. But alas Vegas is home. I am really excited to start this blog, as my nerves about pushing my thoughts into the unknown internet have been considerable.  I am an avid traveler, and hope to share my tips and tricks for planning and experiencing an amazing vacation.  Above all I love food and fashion and hope to share that here.  Anyway welcome! View More:


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